Website Released

The website has just been released!
I see you've already found it ;)

Logo Finished

Our artist has just finished the server's logo.
Look at the navigation menu and check it out!

What is End Realm?

End Realm is a network of Hytale servers currently early in it's development stages. We plan to have many unique and interesting gamemodes, so check them out below!


CivTale is a server where you, the player, can create and shape the world you live in. We plan on having a system to claim and protect nations and towns, and a way for nations to conquer each other to encourage player interaction. More information will be released soon.


SoulsQuest is a detailed MMORPG. How the gods came to the world was lost a long time ago, if it was ever even known - same with whether or not they created the world or if they found an empty world, theirs to be filled with life.

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Coming Soon

More gamemodes will be released as time goes on.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of international gamers that share a passion for creating. Striving for perfection, we plan to be one of the top Hytale servers.